When a disaster hits, there are all sorts of ways people react, especially when it’s a health scare. My background is in disaster and emergency planning, and I’ve learned that it’s hard to predict who is going to freeze up in an emergency and who is going to emerge as a leader.

Throw social media into the mix and you have the makings of something that can send people spiraling in all different directions. With the Coronavirus news, I have observed a variety of characters emerge the past couple weeks. Which one are you?

1) The Hypochondriac – These people are germaphobes on crack right now. They are literally in the bathroom washing their hands half the day. We flew on a plane this past week and my mom literally wiped down the walls! They are studying you for any sign you might be sick. If they have a tiny cough they are in panic mode and researching where any cases have been and if they might have crossed paths. 

2) The Newscaster – These are the friends on Facebook who are posting every single day, multiple times a day about the latest cases in every city. They are the ones forwarding you every email they receive from the school or local businesses. They use all sorts of fancy medical terminology and you have no idea what they are talking about half the time. 

3) The Worrywart – These are people you may have not heard from for a while. Why? They are totally freaking out and are in lock-down mode. They have stockpiled every essential need they could think of and are barricaded in their basements. They are not engaging with anyone as much as they can. 

4) The Entrepreneur – These people know there is so much ripe opportunity in all this. They have already started coming up with shirt slogans, online education classes for when no one can go to school, and purchased every hand sanitizer they can get their hands on to resell. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 

5) The Rebel – These are the people who think this is a total media stir and refused to be duped. They are super excited because they know everyone is about to cancel their travel plans and this will be the ultimate time to go on an amazing trip for cheap and then have the place to themselves. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? 

6) The Control Freak – These people are a mess. They have every aspect of their life planned out and the idea that things may get disrupted is giving them panic attacks. Stay away from these types and do not ask them to make any plans! 

7) The La La Lander  – This is the group of people who don’t watch the news or engage in social media and have no idea what Coronavirus even is. They are clueless.They have noticed a bunch of people with masks on but assume it is a new fashion trend. 

I know this is a bit light hearted and we should be feeling concerned about the potential dangers, but sometimes you have to laugh or else you will cry your eyes out! 

Stay healthy!