What a WONDERFUL night! It is the morning after our airing and I am so overwhelmed I don’t even know what to do. Between the airing, the party and the business side of it all, I feel like last night had to be a dream. I can’t even begin to thank everyone for all their support – for their emails, messages and texts, to all the sharing over the past 24 hours. I promise to get back to everyone in the next couple of days! Thanks to all of those that came out to our watch party from all over the map!

The feedback so far has been so fun to hear. People seem shocked how hard Brian pushed Mr. Wonderful and never got “You’re Dead to Me”! I remember being in the Tank and feeling so nervous they would tell us we need to leave as we were the last episode taping that day, it was late, and I could tell Mark Cuban, in particular, was ready to call it a night as Brian and Mr. Wonderful just kept at it. Here are some great tweets by Mr. Wonderful about the show:

Also, he posted this great Instagram post:

It could have gone many different ways but Brian and I are really happy with how our episode came out. We were in the Tank for an hour and it was cut down to 10 minutes, so you never know what parts will be included or not. There was a funny part where Brian laughed at Barbara’s offer but they cut that a bit. I also remember feeling like I had tripped up on things, but felt they cleaned it up and really made me look polished (phew!).

Two areas I think are worth addressing. We got some questions on why we only responded to Kevin, as well as inquiries about Kevin’s focus on how our customer database should be used. As stated, our session was about an hour and there was therefore much more discussion and context that was edited out. We respected all of the Sharks, were open to all of them, and truly appreciated Daymond’s and Barbara’s offers. But we had limited time to negotiate and had to quickly decide to focus on the Shark we thought best understood our business and could be the strategic partner we need. Plus, we know Kevin is historically a very tough negotiator, so Brian felt he needed to move quickly into a focused exchange with him. Obviously, in doing so, Daymond took himself out. Also, we take great care with our subscribers’ information and following our Privacy Policy, and always will. We truly value our subscribers’ loyalty, which we know is all about their trust in us and their experience on our site. We remain committed to honoring this trust.

Our Watch Party was unreal. It was just so special and unique. We used a venue in Rockville, Maryland called Badlands and they set it up like we were at an outdoor movie with blankets in front for the kids and tables and chairs for adults. There were about 200 people there, including our team, family, friends, and business partners. Before the show started, we had NBC Washington’s Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer do a Q&A session with us. Our kids even got in on the action! We then did thank yous to our team and some VIPS who supported us along the way, and then it was time to watch the show. Everyone was so into it and when we got the deal and the balloons all dropped from the ceiling it was epic! From the 5-year-olds to the 80-year-olds, everyone was in the moment. It felt like we won the Super Bowl! Afterwards, we quickly showed a private clip of Kevin talking about us after the show and announced our big news about going on ABC’s The View on Thursday. The crowd went wild!

Take a look at a short clip of video from this event:

I feel so proud of my team and all we have accomplished in these three weeks. They put their entire heart into this whole experience and I am forever grateful!

Now we are headed to NYC Thursday to go live on The View!!! Kevin selected us as his favorite new entrepreneur. Is this all really happening? Stay tuned…