As CertifiKID heads into our tenth year, I’ve been reflecting on the significance of all that has happened over the past decade, both personally and professionally. I started 2010 as a new, confused and tired mom who felt very blessed with so much, but under the surface, was also personally unfulfilled and had all of this creative energy stirring inside of me.

It’s crazy to think that it’s been ten years since I came up with the idea for CertifiKID and started working to make my idea a reality. Looking back, here are some of the ways life has changed since then, and the crazy truths I have learned about both life and business along the way:

A decade ago, my children were babies and could not even have conversations with me, but now give me solid advice on things from being a good person to the trends I should know about!

A decade ago, I had no clue what the word “pivot” meant; now, this business term and so many more regularly roll off my tongue with ease.

A decade ago, I rolled my eyes at Brian for always working nights and weekends and I questioned how anyone could really have that much work to do; now, this is my life.

A decade ago, I was excited to have a random picture of myself in The Washington Post getting a flu shot. Now, I’m doing live appearances on The View.

A decade ago, when I gave someone an idea to help them with their business, they blew me off. People now pay me to help them.

A decade ago, I looked at moms with older kids thinking they were heroes for getting their kids to that age. I now look at moms with college-age kids with the same level of respect as those with little ones.

A decade ago, I was happy if I got a solid six hours of sleep. A decade later, all those “tired” lines are permanently on my face, but I am very well rested.

Time changes. We change. Everything and everyone around us changes. I wish I could freeze it all right now as it is. I can’t imagine how I will view the person I am right now in ten years.

Can you actually envision where you will be in a decade? Take a guess? It is impossible. So much can happen. We don’t even know what tomorrow will bring. So try to enjoy and make the most of today.