When my kids came home 4 years ago saying they wanted to be in the school talent show, I racked my brain for ideas for them. Most of the kids at our elementary school tend to play instruments or do a song or dance. My kids were not interested in this and wanted to do something totally unique.

After tons of Googling, they ended up agreeing on the idea of a comedy routine. Brian and I helped them select some cute jokes and a short intro. Unbeknownst to us, our kids turned out to be naturals! Their ability to memorize their lines and stage presence is seriously amazing. They decided to turn the routine into a yearly brother-sister duo and it has gotten better and better each year as their humor has matured and they have grown more and more comfortable on the stage. This year, they even threw in some Shark Tank jokes.

I decided to put their bits together here so they (and you all!) can see how their routines and delivery have evolved over the years.

2019 – Noah 5th Grade/Lila 4th Grade


2018 – Noah 4th Grade/Lila 3rd grade


2017 – Noah 3rd Grade/Lila 2nd grade


2016 Noah 2nd Grade/Lila 1st grade


I love these two jokesters so much! Congrats Noah and Lila on your hard work over the years! I hope you can keep people laughing for years to come – maybe even on a REAL stage in LA or NYC.