I just returned from Spring Break. This year, we took the kids to an all-inclusive Club Med resort in Cancun with another family and had a fantastic time. As much as everyone loves going on a vacation, as a business owner, I am always initially resistant and often hesitant to take one. The idea of getting off track and out of routine, and the worry about not being connected 24/7, freaks me out. However, as I write this post on the plane ride home, I have to say how truly awesome it is on so many levels once I force myself to let go. It is so good to reset and refresh, to spend time with no agenda, to connect with the kids when you both are off electronics, try new things and to see the bigger picture of it all. This year, Brian and I especially needed it after our month of madness with ‘Shark Tank’, ‘The View’ and little sleep.

My mompreneur life is a constant race, trying to keep to my schedule, which changes daily, and get the most out of every minute. Downtime is not acceptable or even available. I am multitasking constantly. So being at the beach, sitting in the sun and breathing with no phone or headphones, or riding the waves in the ocean, is such a jolt to the system. It is honestly so nice to really see and appreciate what is going on around me, from the people to the beautiful nature.

This was our second time vacationing with this other family. They have kids the same age as our kids and we match up so well. I feel so lucky to have met this family as it really makes it a vacation with the kids being able to be independent with their friends and the adults being able to relax a bit more and have grown up conversations. With kids always around and the daily shuffle, it is hard to have meaningful conversations with friends during this period in your life and these types of trips allow for that. It also allows me time to occasionally work, as needed, as the kids are preoccupied with their friends and activities.

Don’t get me wrong….I am not just leaving the laptop at home and taking a week to stare at the ocean and sleep in. The funny part is I probably work more on vacation than most people work on an average day but I really just keep the trains running and do the bare minimum, so I am not buried when the next week comes. I never think to myself “Boy I wish I did not have to do this!” I actually love that I have this important thing going on to turn my focus to at a couple points during the day. It makes me realize I love what I do.

I also would be lying if I told you I ditch the routine. I tend to end up in a “vacation routine” because I thrive on routine. I usually run in the morning and, once I figure out the drinks/food situation, I tend to stay consistent with things I know I like and add very little variety throughout the trip. I map out the activities we want to do each day. I make the dinner reservations so we know our daily plan. Brian and the kids just go along for the ride as I direct us around.

Vacations are also about new experiences. This vacation I decided to try something scary. I am deathly afraid of heights. At the resort, there was a circus trapeze and I decided to just go for it. As I climbed higher and higher up that ladder, I realized this was going to be much scarier than I expected. When I got to the top and looked down and the lady told me I had to jump, I knew I was stuck and was going to have to just do it. It took a couple of “1, 2, 3….go” from her, but I finally jumped. I must have screamed like a baby as a swung down because I remember the crowd (including my daughter!) roaring with laughter. When I got off I was horribly embarrassed, but thrilled to have challenged myself and done it. Would I ever do it again? No chance!

As I head home, I look forward to getting back into my daily schedule. I love working from home and the quiet time in the morning with my coffee and my daily to-do list. I love the consistency of my daily run and my healthy meals. It sounds ridiculously boring but vacation for me is not about drinking margaritas and sleeping all day on the beach. It is about allowing me the time and space to appreciate my everyday life and creating wonderful memories for our family.